Áine Kelly-Costello – Focus Editor

Welcome to the second edition of Focus for 2023.

My editorial takes you on a journey—pun intended—through some of the many facets of a blind-friendly transport system. President Jonathan Godfrey had no idea what he’d write about for his column but wrote one anyway. And long-time tech guru Jonathan Mosen brings us a fascinating read on the potential and pitfalls of using artificial intelligence algorithms in visual descriptions.

We’re also introducing a new feature this time, an update from the executive Officer on an area of advocacy Blind Citizens NZ has been beavering away on. The idea is to make the often gradual goings-on behind the scenes more visible. This time, the topic is universal access to ID. Updates in this edition on the 2023 Blind Citizens NZ elections and conference are also not to be missed. Enjoy!

As always, please do send me your feedback and your ideas for articles or topics, by August for the September edition.

Email me at focus.abcnz@gmail.com, or get in touch with the full Focus committee (Board Member Paula Waby, Chief Executive Rose Wilkinson and me) by emailingfocus@blindcitizensnz.org.nz

List of Articles

Note on referencing
by Áine Kelly-Costello Focus Editor

Putting a blind-friendly transport system on the political agenda
Áine Kelly-Costello

Jonathan Godfrey, National President

Blind Citizens NZ 2023 Scheduled Election
Rose Wilkinson, Returning Officer

Draft Blind Citizens NZ 2023-2026 Strategic Plan 

Visual description via AI, the promise and the problem
Jonathan Mosen

Advocating for a universally accessible form of ID

Update – Membership Subscription Review 

2023 Annual General Meeting and Conference Challenging Others Challenging Ourselves

Leadership | Advocacy Workshop – We’re calling for expressions of interest

Ways to support Blind Citizens NZ’s Income Generation Efforts