Rose Wilkinson Chief Executive

The Board’s Membership Subscription Review proposal was addressed at a Special Meeting of Members on Tuesday 6 June. The meeting was well-attended and resulted in the following resolution: That Blind Citizens NZ as per the Membership Subscription Review proposal, offers individuals that have not paid a subscription in the last five financial years to be given access to Blind Citizens NZ events as if they have paid a subscription, with this offer ending June 30 2025. 

What this means is that for anyone who has not paid a subscription since 2018, that for the next two years to 30 June 2025 inclusive you:

  • will receive information such as newsletters and notices of meetings from your local Branch or Network;
  • will receive Focus, along with updates informing members of our work from National Office;
  • can participate in activities including General and Annual General meetings, but you can’t vote or stand for election to the Board, a Branch Committee or a Network.

We encourage readers to share this opportunity as widely as you can. This will help us to reach people who may be interested in Blind Citizens NZ but who have not been in a position to become a member. 

If you have any questions please contact the Chief Executive at our National Office (contact details at the end of this Focus issue.