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Blind Citizens NZ is advocating for, and working towards New Zealand becoming a fully inclusive society, where blind, deafblind and vision impaired people can lead rich, full and independent lives with confidence and dignity.

To support our work, we have created a social awareness campaign. The aim of the campaign is to educate the general public about some of the key issues faced by the blind community – and what they can do about it. It is based on the notion that…

“It shouldn’t be hard for our blind citizens to beat everyday obstacles”

To bring this idea to life, we wanted to exaggerate what it’s like for a blind person to negotiate everyday obstacles.

You can check out our campaign messages by visiting this link.

Blind Citizens NZ is a national organisation of, and for, blind citizens of New Zealand.

Founded in 1945, Blind Citizens NZ:

  • Blind Citizens NZ has branches throughout New Zealand.
  • Advocates on blindness-related issues.
  • Assists government and health agencies, local authorities, utilities and other organisations in improving services to blind people.
  • Provides opportunities for blind people to meet, socialise, and support each other by sharing information and experiences.

On this website you can:

Please feel free to look around and find out for yourself what Blind Citizens NZ is all about. We invite you to contact us and pass on any feedback and suggestions for improvement. Or if you register as a user of this website, why not post a comment in the discussion forum to see what others are thinking.