As indicated in National President Jonathan Godfrey’s Focus column, he will be setting aside time on a regular basis to engage with members on topics you might like to raise. These opportunities will be quite separate to any other opportunity that might be offered for a specific reason such as for example, the Total Mobility Scheme which will be a specific topic during April or May 2024.

Dates for these regular opportunities with the National President via ZOOM, where people can join by phone or using other technology, will routinely be held from 5pm-6pm on the following Tuesdays:

  • February 20th;
  • April 2nd;
  • May 14th;
  • June 25th;
  • August 6th;
  • September 17th;
  • October 29th;
  • December 10th.

Timely reminders along with Zoom details will be provided via our TellMe bulletins, Branches, Networks and email.