Blind Citizens NZ is New Zealand’s country member to the World Blind Union (WBU). The number of delegates (representatives) assigned to country members is based on the country’s population. New Zealand has two delegate (representative) positions. Each of these positions differs in terms of the status given to them. However it is important to recognise that the work the two delegates carry out is complementary and requires them to work together. Each of the two positions must be held by an Ordinary Member (voting | financial) of Blind Citizens NZ. Details to inform interested members about this position are a little further on in this item.

On this occasion the Board is calling for applications for the primary WBU Country Delegate position. These close 4pm, Tuesday 7 May 2024.

At its May 2024 meeting, the Board will finalise its approach and timeline towards short-listing and interviewing candidates. This information will be conveyed to those who have submitted applications.

The Board has determined the term of office for this position will align with the secondary WBU Country Delegate position. Once appointed, the successful candidate will serve their term through until November 2025.

About the WBU Country Delegate Position

Applicants must be aware the successful person appointed to this position, if they are not already on the Board of Blind Citizens NZ as an elected member in their own right, will be co-opted to the Board. This is a constitutional requirement which in turn means the successful person becomes a Board Member. They are then obliged to attend Board meetings and to fulfil the duties and responsibilities expected of a Board Member. The point of reference for this

constitutional provision is Rule 6.3 “Co-opting Additional Board Members”.

Applicants should be certain to request in the first instance, the position description for WBU Country Delegate. It is also advisable to obtain a copy of the role and responsibilities of Board Members. Each of these documents sets out the respective skills, requirements and attributes the Board believes necessary for the person in this role.

Applicants shortlisted for this position will be interviewed by a subcommittee of the Board of Blind Citizens NZ.

Where to send applications

A reminder that applications close 4pm, Tuesday 7 May 2024. These are to be submitted to Blind Citizens NZ’s National Office via either of the following two options: