Employment, Participation and Inclusion Services: Draft Proposals for Change

Read on for Blind Citizens NZ's response to the Ministry of Social Development's Draft Proposals for Change with respect to Employment, Participation and Inclusion Services...

Submission- More Effective Social Services Issues Paper

Have a read of Blind Citizens NZ's December 2014 response to the Productivity Commission's More Effective Social Services Issues' Paper...

Case for Review of Website Accessibility

Blind Citizens NZ submitted its paper “The Case for a Comprehensive Review of Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities” to the Human Rights Commission in April 2014. The case we believe, is well-presented, with examples, details and supporting evidence set out.

Review of the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 and Code of Health and Disability Consumers’ Rights

Blind Citizens NZ's submission comments on the:
1. Review of the Act and Code (first bullet-point from 2009 Review): timelines identified with sections 18 Review of operation of the Act and Review of Code should remain unaltered;
2. Increase maximum fine for an offence under the Act (second bullet-point from 2009 Review): we support this being increased to $10,000 from $3,000;
3. Director of Proceedings (last bullet-point from 2009 Review): we support this proposed amendment.

Human Rights Amendment Bill

Our submission responds to proposed changes to the role and structure of the Commission arising from the Bill and with respect to specific changes this would have on the Human Rights Act 1993.

Submission-Inquiry into the 2013 Local Authority Elections

Blind people continue to be marginalised in local authority elections, and still cannot cast their vote independently with confidence and dignity. They are required to place their trust in family or friends, and for many, often in someone they do not know, to cast their vote for them. So when they do vote, they can only hope that their trust is not misguided, and that their directions are carried out.

Submission to Discussion Paper "The Wider Journey: The Rights of Disabled People", Human Rights Commission, March 2012

This is a submission to the Human Rights Commission in response to their discussion paper “The Wider Journey: The Rights of Disabled People”. Our comments correspond to areas that impact upon the ability of blind, deafblind and vision impaired people living in New Zealand to access the built environment safely and independently, to have access to information and to independently vote in local and general elections.

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