Fact sheets

Short summaries of facts on a particular issue.

Fact sheet on accessible ATMs - money talks and so should ATMs

Briefly argues why banks should introduce talking automatic teller machines (ATMs) into New Zealand.

Fact sheet on descriptive television - a sentence paints a thousand pictures

Makes the case for audio description to be introduced into New Zealand television.

Fact sheet on pedestrian issues

Brief information on the need for blind and vision impaired people to be able to walk safely and independently through New Zealand's cities and urban environments.

Fact sheet on ministry of disability issues

Calls on the Government to establish a Ministry of Disability Issues, which should have a strong policy development and monitoring function with powers and resources to work closely with all Government entities to better meet the action plans as promoted by the Disability Strategy Reference Group.

Fact sheet on the articles for the blind postal concession

Seeks the fulfillment of the Government's pre-election commitment to return the postal concession for the blind to legislation.

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