Gaining an improved understanding, commitment and implementation of the access requirements of the Building Act: Next Steps in Progressing Accessibility in the Built Environment

Forum hosted by Blind Citizens NZ and Barrier Free New Zealand Trust

On 12 August 2013, Blind Citizens NZ and Barrier Free New Zealand Trust jointly hosted a one-day forum entitled "Gaining an improved understanding, commitment and implementation of the access requirements of the Building Act”.

Blind Citizens NZ has been concerned for some time that public buildings often pose mobility challenges to blind and vision impaired people, and New Zealand's building laws have not kept up with modern building methods. Many other people in the disabled community share our concerns. On 12 August 2013 we teamed up with Barrier Free NZ Trust to jointly host a forum involving a wide range of disability organisations and officials from national and local Government and the building industry, to consider steps we could take to improve the building laws.

Our Forum built on outcomes of work linked to the document “Barrier Free Requirements for Quality Accessible Built Environments” which proposes additional requirements for implementation in conjunction with NZS4121 Design for Access and Mobility – Buildings and Associated Facilities”.

Our sincere and grateful thanks are extended to Wellington City Council personnel for their support by way of catering and providing an accessible venue.

Outcomes of the Forum and presentations (documents) are provided:

1. Clive Lansink, National President, Blind Citizens NZ: Welcome and introductions.
2. Bill Wrightson, Chair Barrier Free Trust NZ: The Regulatory Framework.
3. Debbie Chin, Chief Executive, Standards NZ: Review of Standards NZ and implications for NZS 4121.
4. Martine Abel-Williamson, Strategic Advisor Disability, Auckland Council: Universal Design / Best Practices.
5. Robert Hollowall, Human Rights Commission Lawyer: Human Rights Building Act Access Requirements.
6. Murray Darroch, Barrier Free Trust NZ: Category of Legislation, handout.

Note: Blind Citizens NZ has endeavoured to the best of its ability, to ensure the presentations provided by each of the presenters can be accessed by blind and vision impaired visitors to this site. If you have any difficulties accessing content from the presentations, please let us know.

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Martine Abel-Williamson-Best practices - Disability.doc29.5 KB
Martine Abel-Williamson-Universal Design Principles text version.doc31.5 KB
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Robert Hollowall-Human Rights Building Act access requirements declaratory judgment 10 04....doc78.5 KB
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