2013 Conference / Annual General Meeting

Time has very quickly rolled around and we’re about to launch into our one day 2013 Conference / Annual General Meeting. This year’s event will be a marathon effort for the business we would normally achieve over three days, has been consolidated into one. Saturday 5 October New Zealand time is the day – we start at 10.15 am and conclude at 3.30pm. Aside from stopping for a bite to each for lunch, there will be very little time for our attendees to socialise this year. We’re meeting at the Grand Chancellor Hotel, Corner of Kirkbride Road and Ascot Roads, Mangere, Auckland.

With the support of Jonathan Mosen and MushroomFM, we will once again be streaming live. So, if you’ve a few hours to fill and you’re keen to stay abreast of the issues and work Blind Citizens NZ is doing, join us and listen in to our discussions. You can join us by checking back at around 10 am New Zealand time, Saturday 5 October, and taking the following link http://listen.mushroomfm.com:8002/listen.pls

Blind Citizens NZ is most grateful for the support we’ve received from Jonathan Mosen and MushroomFM, and we thank them for sponsoring the live streaming of our 2013 Annual Conference / Annual General Meeting. If you’re unable to join us in person, then the next best option is to join us virtually courtesy of MushroomFM.

For more information you should check out our Conference / Annual General Meeting Programme and Agenda.

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