Flying Blind

This week's story concerning what happened when Air New Zealand seated a disabled person in someone else's seat has generated a lot of comment in the social media. As is often the case, not all the comments are well informed. You can read one newspaper's treatment of the incident here.

Are we being taken for a ride? Total Mobility - Equitable Access to our Environment and Local Communities

This briefing document is a supplement to the Great Barrier Brief and calls for a nationally consistent and equitable Total Mobility taxi subsidy scheme in order that people with disabilities can live in, work in and have full access to today's urban environment.

Is this the right bus? Public transport - trials and tribulations of the blind traveller

This briefing document is a supplement to the Great Barrier Brief and concisely explains what blind and vision impaired people need as pedestrians who rely primarily on public transport to get around. Areas covered include taxis, buses, trains, staff training, transport facilities and pedestrian travel.

Our Changing Taxi Services - The Need for More Emphasis on Service

Today I was riding in a taxi, as I often do, and I said to the driver just drop me off along here where you see the driveway down into the basement garage car park. I quickly realised the driver didn't stop so I just said just stop anywhere along here please. Now I know that often there are a lot of cars parked along this stretch of road and taxis can't always stop so I wasn't too concerned when we travelled still further. Then when we did stop, the driver asked "Is here OK"? By this time I was thinking anywhere to get out would be better than nowhere.

Don't go out so much these days?

This Association continues to call for effective and accessible public transport so people with disabilities can participate fully in all aspects of society. This week in the news we heard that the Government is now not going ahead with a regional fuel tax that we were told would have funded critical developments in Auckland's public transport infrastructure. The Government has instead opted for a lower nation-wide fuel tax.

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