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Taking charge of our money - Banknote gauges facilitate independence and confidence for blind and vision impaired people

Blind Citizens NZ has worked alongside the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for many years, contributing to, and influencing, the design of New Zealand’s currency so that people who are blind or vision impaired, can more easily identify their money.

You can learn more about our work, from our media release at this link:

Taking charge of our money - Banknote gauges facilitate independence and confidence for blind and vision impaired people

The Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand (Blind Citizens NZ), congratulates the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for providing banknote gauges that will support people who are blind and vision impaired, to independently identify with confidence, the denomination of their bank notes.

Support our right to have equitable access to books

“Blind people have the same right to read published works as everyone else” says Clive Lansink, National President of Blind Citizens NZ. “But right now, we often have no way to read what everyone else takes for granted, because it is not published in formats we can use”.

You will find more information about the Marrakesh Treaty, and the importance of New Zealand ratifying this, in our media release...

“Extra Touch Award” presented to Darryl Wilson, Chief Executive, Abel Tasman National Park Ltd

During our 2015 70th anniversary celebratory event, October 2015, Blind Citizens NZ presented the Extra Touch Award to Darryl Wilson, Chief Executive of Wilsons Abel Tasman National Park Ltd, recognizing the outstanding contribution providing access to both travel and recreational opportunities for blind and vision impaired patrons.

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Focus September 2016

Listen in to Blind Citizens NZ's "Meet the Blind Foundation Candidates"

Each of the six candidates standing for election to the Blind Foundation’s Board of Directors (these are the candidates elected by governing members), agreed to participate in a “meet the candidates” session, hosted by Blind Citizens NZ the morning of Sunday 9 October, during our AGM and Conference. In alphabetic order, the six candidates and the means by which they participated are: Garth Clarricoats (phone); Clive Lansink, Pam MacNeill (in person); Peter Ruddenklau (phone); Judy Small (in person); Allan Webster (phone).

Check out Blind Citizens NZ Annual General Meeting and Conference

Our three-day event commences 2pm Friday 7 October, and goes through to approximately 2pm Sunday 9 October.

Our theme for this year is "My Life, My Choice - Self Determination Starts with Us". It is a reminder that to us the term self-determination means taking charge of our own lives as disabled people, speaking for ourselves individually and collectively.

Focus March 2016

Focus December 2015

Employment, Participation and Inclusion Services: Draft Proposals for Change

Read on for Blind Citizens NZ's response to the Ministry of Social Development's Draft Proposals for Change with respect to Employment, Participation and Inclusion Services...

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