Discussion Forum Rules and Guidelines

The discussion forum is a place for online discussions on issues relating to blindness or vision impairment, or on disability with a focus on blindness or vision impairment. Anyone can read the discussions but only registered users can post comments and start new discussions.

These rules and guidelines identify some common courtesies and requirements for participants. If you post material in the forum, Blind Citizens NZ deems this to indicate that you have read and agreed to be bound by these rules and guidelines.

Common Courtesies and Requirements

Although moderators will be closely monitoring the forum, we intend initially at least to allow posts to be published immediately without the need for moderator approval. Some of the rules and guidelines here are designed to protect Blind Citizens NZ from legal action arising from, for example, posts that are offensive or defamatory.

The requirement to be logged in before you can become active in the discussion forum means anything you post will be in your name. You are expected to take full responsibility for what you post in the forum. We do not accept anonymous posts. This is why we need your proper name rather than a "handle" when you register.

Material posted in the discussion forum should genuinely relate to blindness issues in New Zealand. References to activities in other countries are acceptable to the extent that they relate to or compare with blindness in New Zealand.

Be nice to one another and respect differences of opinion - personal attacks are not acceptable and may be grounds for immediate suspension.

The opinions you offer must be your own. You must not actively publish the opinions of others, particularly anyone who has been suspended.

Remember the forum is public. Use of mildly bad language from time to time may be tolerated but we expect a high standard of behaviour.

Unacceptable behaviour, including the posting of sexually explicit material, will be grounds for immediate suspension.

Threads of discussion are under the sole control of the Moderator. If it is believed that a discussion is outside the purpose of the forum or has outlived its useful life, the Moderator can call for an end to that discussion.

Material considered outside the scope of the forum or in violation of these rules may be deleted without warning.

Violation of common courtesies and/or these requirements may result in either a public or private warning, or a suspension. Blind Citizens NZ reserves the right to temporarily suspend someone from the forum immediately and without warning for a serious violation, pending the outcome of a review by the Management Committee or Board of Blind Citizens NZ. Any such review will consider all relevant material including the ultimate purpose of the forum and material supplied by the person concerned. The final decision whether to more permanently suspend someone from the forum rests solely with Blind Citizens NZ.

When creating a new topic, please try to come up with a suitable subject. When adding a comment, please stick to the subject. If necessary, you may start a new topic if you wish to express a thought that moves away from the current subject.

This forum is operated by the Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand Inc (Blind Citizens NZ). We want the forum to be a place where people can share information and enjoy debating with each other. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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